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MCAT Study Schedule Planner (Medical School)

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Starting to study for the MCAT is difficult, and one of the roadblocks is often creating a structured plan and tracking your progress. Well, here is a solution!

This study schedule planner created in Google Sheets includes the following:

  • Questions Calculator
  • Progress Dashboard for tracking:
    • Questions
    • Practice Exams
    • Khan Academy MCAT Videos & Passages
    • Flashcards & Book Pages
  • Calendars to Plan and Track Resources
  • Checklist of the Khan Academy MCAT Video & Passages Series

I wish you the best in your studying and future medical training journey. Good luck!

Note: This template is for individual use. As I am still in training myself, I appreciate your support in sharing this listing with others rather than the template itself.

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You will receive instructions with a link to the study schedule in a PDF after checkout. It may take a couple of minutes to come through. I hope the planner helps you succeed on the MCAT! 😊

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MCAT Study Schedule Planner (Medical School)

2 ratings
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